The 8th World Water Forum will be held 18 to 23, March 2018 in Brazilia ("Sharing Water").

The World Water Forum is considered the world's largest water event, held every three years by the World Water Council in close cooperation with the host government. The mission of the Forum is aimed at achieving four main goals: increasing the importance of the role of water issues on the political agenda; assistance in deepening the discussions on the solution of international water problems in the 21st century; formulation of specific proposals and addressing universal attention to the importance of water issues and the creation of political commitments.

Brazil was selected in 2014 as the host country for the next international water event. 1

The 8th World Water Forum will be held in the southern hemisphere for the first time. The primary objectives of the Brazilian section of the World Water Forum are to support Brazil's participation in the World Water Forum and increase its effectiveness, support the programs and projects proposed by the World Water Forum, contribute to the overall agenda, create a discussion platform to diagnose the status of water policy and management in Brazil and the world, providing advice on addressing the challenges of global climate change, and involving in the policy of effective use of water resources. The task of the World Water Council is to raise awareness of the community, form political commitments and initiate actions to address pressing water problems at all levels, including the highest level of decision-making, to effectively save, protect, assimilate, plan, manage and use water in all its facets on an environmentally sustainable basis.

More information about the 8th World Water Forum is available at and /project.php