On May 6, 2022, a cooperation meeting on groundwater management in the frame of the Pretashkent transboundary aquifer (TBA) was held.

 It was organized within the framework of the UNESCO-IHP project "Governance of Groundwater Resources in Transboundary Aquifers" (GGRETA) with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in a mixed format in Almaty (offline) and online.

The purpose of the meeting was to reach a common understanding and intentions of the countries in the further development of cooperation within the framework of the Pretashkent TBA and implementation of the modeling outcomes.

The meeting was attended by governmental stakeholders on groundwater governance from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, scientists, water management and modeling experts from both countries, and development partners.

During the meeting, it was noted that to date, a technical exchange of aquifer data between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan has been achieved and a joint mathematical model has been developed. However, despite the cooperation of countries at the technical and scientific level, there is a need to consolidate and institutionalize the cooperation of countries at the state institutions level on joint management of the aquifer and the implementation of recommendations for its optimal development.

On behalf of the International Water Assessment Centre, the Director Mr. Serik Akhmetov spoke at session 2 “Transboundary groundwater governance facilitation”. In his presentation, he presented an overview of the existing framework for transboundary water management with a focus on groundwater resources.

The meeting presented a great opportunity to strengthen interaction and cooperation between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in the field of groundwater management.