On April 26-27, 2022, the 82nd meeting of the Interstate Coordination Water Commission (ICWC) of Central Asia was held in Turkestan.

The 82nd meeting of the ICWC would be followed by the anniversary Central Asian International Scientific - Practical Conference “30 years of water cooperation in Central Asia: facing the future”. The main goal of the anniversary event was to review the results of the 30 years of cooperation on water issues in Central Asia and to set guidelines for the future.

The anniversary event was attended by high-level officials, representatives of state bodies responsible for water management and the development of transboundary cooperation, water management organizations of Central Asian countries, international organizations, academia and financial institutions.

The work of the conference was planned in the form of plenary sessions and four parallel round tables.

The plenary session was dedicated to summing up the results of ICWC work for 30 years. Key reports were made by the heads of delegations of the ICWC member countries, international and donor organizations, as well as the leadership of the Turkestan region, which hosted the meeting. The participants congratulated ICWC on its 30th anniversary and presented already implemented and upcoming projects aimed at strengthening cooperation in the field of management, use and protection of water resources in Central Asia. Also, representatives of sectoral ministries discussed in detail the measures for water saving and rational use of resources in the context of climate change.

During the meeting, it was noted that over 30 years of existence and active interaction, the ICWC has reached the level of a regional institution of interstate cooperation in the field of management, use and protection of water resources in Central Asia. In particular, the daily work of the executive bodies made it possible to create a management system for annual planning, monitoring and operational management of river flow. ICWC contributed to the introduction of integrated water resources management, the development of a regional information portal, the introduction of decision support systems and automation of facilities, the development of new agreements, as well as the conduct and coordination of research and joint projects. The issues of using joint water resources and sustainable operation of water management facilities were resolved without conflict due to the constant interaction of water management specialists from the countries of Central Asia.

Roundtables were devoted to the following issues:

  • Transboundary water cooperation among the Central Asian countries: lessons and next steps
  • Water saving and efficient use of water resources in the context of climate change. Aquatic ecosystems: the current state and needs
  • Science and innovations for water security (dedicated to the memory of Prof. V. Dukhovniy)
  • Water future in Central Asia: a kaleidoscope of opinions. Youth for water and peace

Following the results of the scientific-practical conference, the participants emphasized the importance of continuing active work on the implementation of the goals and objectives of the International Decade for Action "Water for Sustainable Development" 2018-2028, the formation and implementation of a coordinated regional policy and measures for adaptation to climate change, strengthening educational, scientific and an expert base for water management and regional cooperation, as well as public education on the rational use of water.