On April 12-13, 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland, the Pan-European Regional Preparatory Meeting was held for the UN-2023 Water Conference, organized in the context of the Water for Sustainable Development commitments in 2023 in New York. The meeting was organized with the participation of the United Nations Economic Commission (UNECE) together with UN-Water in hybrid format (online and offline).

The meeting was linked to a review of progress towards reducing water concentrations and helping to intensify actions for accelerating progress in the pan-European region towards implementation of the objectives of the Decade.

The work was attended by representatives of state bodies responsible for water resources, agriculture and public associations, foreign policy departments, as well as joint bodies, international and non-governmental organizations, academia from the UNECE region.

Within the framework of the agreement, discussions were organized on issues such as drinking water and sanitation for all, pollution of the aquatic ecosystem, pooling and biodiversity, water resource management, climate change, groundwater, etc. The participants reviewed the plans and experiences of countries in the UNECE region in finding water supply and sanitation security issues, in detecting ecosystem water discovery and closure problems, and in establishing water resource management on discovery and transboundary intrusion. As a result of the discussion, proposals were developed for further implementation of targeted actions on water.

The meeting allowed to identify and further inspire initiatives that contribute to the implementation of the Decade of Action, as well as serve as an incentive for states and other stakeholders in the region to make voluntary commitments during the UN-2023 Water Conference.