The International Water Assessment Centre in cooperation with the UN Economic Commission for Europe initiated the implementation of the project "Development of joint measures to prevent and respond to pollution of the Syrdarya River in emergency situations."

The purpose of the project is to reduce and prevent pollution of water resources of the transboundary Syrdarya River by assisting the Joint Kazakh-Uzbek working group in developing joint measures to prevent and respond to emergency water pollution.

The project will be carried out in two stages. At the first stage, there will be an assessment of potential sources of industrial pollution within the flow formation zone of the Syrdarya River and a review of existing national measures of the riparian countries to prevent pollution of the Syrdarya River and respond to it in emergency situations. At the second stage, it is planned to develop a draft Joint Emergency Action Plan for the Syrdarya River Basin, to test joint measures during a training workshop with riparian countries and during field exercises.

Currently, there has been implementation of the first phase of the project, within which the first technical meeting of project experts was held on December 21, 2021 via videoconference. At the meeting, the experts got acquainted with the work plan of the project and discussed common approaches to the implementation of its tasks.

On January 19, 2022, the second working meeting of experts was held, the purpose of which was to share the collected information, ask questions and determine further actions on the project.