On 28th April 2021 the International Water Assessment Center participated in a Workshop on Green Recovery and Technologies in Central Asia. The workshop was organized by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic. The aim of the event was to advance Slovak Republic’s contribution to the upcoming EU-Central Asia Economic Forum (EF) in Bishkek.

The main theme of the workshop - “Engagement in Water Management Development in Central Asia” - focused primarily on the long-term engagement of Slovak Republic in water management development in the region of Central Asia. Thus, one of the main objectives of the workshop was to discuss the perspectives of Central Asia partners on their domestic development needs, as well as potential solutions by which Slovak entities would contribute to the fulfillment of the EU priorities through cooperation in the green economy sector.

As a result the proposed solutions involved monitoring the amount of water for irrigation to prevent possible tensions in the region, making use the existing hydropower potential by generating electricity at irrigation consumption points, flood prevention and protection, construction of automated data collection and autonomous warning and notifications systems, recycling water for secondary use and use of remote ground reconnaissance methods in water management and evaluation of extreme hydrometeorological situations.

Serik Akhmetov, IWAC director, presented on the Cooperation possibilities between IWAC and Slovak partners, where he pointed out potential areas of cooperation and IWAC’s future activities as outlined in its Programme of work for 2022-2024. The workshop was held online.